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T W E N T Y [20] S T A R

the truth is out there

the media journal of palmaceae
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this is the media journal of palmaceae, formerly known as 50thousandtearz. this community was formerly known as ___tomorrow.

i used to write and participate in the buffyverse fandom under the terribly newbie name of missmorganpryce, and run the dark awards, if anyone remembers those good ole days. now i'm into the x-files, am hoping to start writing again in xf fandom while expanding into other small fandoms and finish up some of the buffyverse stuff that's been sitting on my hard drive for years, as well as start to archive all my previous work.

the icons are still here for nostalgia's sake - i haven't made anything in over a year, but i used to run multiple stillness, elite and lims communities. maybe one day i'll get back into that. if you do take an icon, please remember to credit me and leave a comment.

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